Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stylish Dress Book Volume 3

I purchased Stylish Dress Book 3 on my last visit to nyc (since I have moved down South there will only be trips to the city from now on *tear), at my favorite bookstore Kinokuniya. And now that I have a minute, I wanted to share this garden party-on-paper with you all!

I have found that as the Stylish Dress Book series progresses, the patterns become more intricate and complex. They cover many of the basis types of patterns that are easy to modify. And this time around there is more outerwear and even pants!

see more at my flickr page!

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CrystaL* said...

I found your blog through BurdaStyle I'm glad I did so cute!
I have this same book and am making a dress out of today. Your dress turned out great. I love to see the different fabrics people use for the patterns out of this book.
Great job!