Saturday, March 6, 2010

Plum Drapes

This is a dress I made with many complications and hassles. That accounts for why it took me so long and why I dragged my feet.

I decided to use a stretch material for this Drape Drape pattern (no5) but with the machine I am using it was a terrible idea. Every mistakes (which there were plenty of) was followed with painstaking seam ripping which made me drop the project for a break each time.

I ended up having to sew every pleat and seam with tracing paper backing, and go over every seam twice. I plan on reinforcing the waistband with my serger once I return to the States, because I have already hear seams popping.

All in all it is a very pretty dress, it moves well, and it is flattering to wear.

I altered the pattern a little to make it less revealing, good for stretch, and easier to assemble. I used the burdastyle technique of an all in one facing. Lessened the depth of the front and back so it could be worn with a normal bra and on professional occasions. I also omitteld the back "tail." I haven't finished the hems yet, but I think I'll save this for my serger as well.

It is such a relief to finally have this assembled! More photos here.


CreativeMama said...

I love the way it drapes. Wish to make one like this, you sure have inspired me to do this, need to fetch some stretch knit! Kudos!

TangerineSamurai said...

Love it! I have that book too but haven't tackled a project yet. Just found your blog! It's lovely!!!

Infinitosmaisum said...

I would love to buy the book, but I'm not good at japanese :s Could you read the instructions because you know japanese or are there instructions in english? Love the dress (: and would love to try it out.